Good news about Telstra

Today Telstra has been dropped from the Government’s broadband tender. As I said in many, many previous posts about this terrible company, it was very foolish of Telstra to attempt to blackmail the government.

We personally have had so much trouble from Telstra and its mate, Foxtel, that I was wishing that Rudd would tell them to get lost. Let’s hope that he sticks to his guns.

Monopolies are dangerous because they don’t have an incentive to provide good service. Well, they don’t have to if they are the only hombre in town, do they?

For more information on all our woes with Telstra and its sidekick, Foxtel, I invite you to do a search on this website about their abysmal treatment.

“I’ve loved you so long.” film review

I’ve always wondered what ETERNITY feels like. Is it a vast nothingness that goes on forever? Well, I’ve just had a taste of it and it is oh so boring… Remember when Elaine in “Seinfeld” commented on “The English Patient” with Kristin Scott Thomas being so long and too slow? Well, this time Kristin Scott Thomas stars in a film that makes “The English Patient” look like an action movie starring Bruce Lee.

“I’ve loved you so long” is one of those movies that impresses film festivals. It has won awards. But the story is predictable and it is related in a slow and “artistic manner” that offers the audience tapas of facts. Little bits here and there and we find out why Juliette has been away for fifteen years and is out of touch with present society.

Is she a mean and nasty murderer? There are no surprises in this film, but we are left with a lot of questions. Knowing what Juliette knew, why did she not present the facts at her trial? Nobody would have given her a life sentence, so the whole plot is rather weak. It is as if the director wanted to milk the situation for every drop of sympathy.

I nodded off occasionally because of the relentless slow pace. There were thousands of close-ups of Kristin Scott Thomas as she sat around and said nothing. So many moments of silence!

One felt like shouting “Get on with it already!”

Yes, she acted quite well and she will get more awards because pretty actresses who removes their make-up, or put on weight or put on artificial noses to make themselves ugly inevitably win an award. Hollywood loves actors who do that.

You watch Brad Pitt win a prize for making himself look a hundred years old in his latest release.

I won’t tell you any more about “I’ve loved you so long” because, quite frankly, there’s nothing more to tell. The best thing about this film is that even if you get an uncomfortable seat at the cinema you will still nod off and get some gentle sleep. Take my advice, do some post-Christmas shopping and have yourself a little nap at the movies. I promise you that even insomniacs will be cured.

Simulated diamonds. Are they for real?

A while back I wrote about the Aussie firm which sells phony diamonds. it’s called “Secrets Shhh” and it makes no pretence that it sells stuff that looks like diamonds. You can buy a four carat “diamond” for less than $500. A great deal if you want to impress other people with your bling collection.

Well, I did cause a bit of a stir because people don’t like being told the truth. I suspect some of the comments came from franchisees of that business but others came from people who don’t like the diamond trade.

I was called a snob because I prefer real diamonds to fake ones. I only have one question:- If someone offered you a four carat simulated diamond or a four carat real diamond, which one would you choose?

Rudd’s Spend Spend Spend call

While on a quick stopover in Australia, Prime Minister Rudd is urging us to spend up big to rescue the economy. Not so long ago our Treasurer, Wayne Swan, was warning us about inflation. We had spent too much. We were being irresponsible by going into debt. So stop spending, he told us, and to make sure we stopped being rash he encouraged interest rates to increase. He also talked the economy down. In that he succeeded, only too well.

Meanwhile, everything went crashing down in the rest of the world and so we were told that the economy was slowing down too much and we had to help it along. In an about turn, Swan gave us some money to do it with — (or with which to do it).

I remember when handing out wads of cash was frowned upon when Labor was in opposition. Apparently, things are different when you are in power.

I don’t know how people can spend everything on the say-so of a government when the Reserve Bank Governor says it’s not actually necessary. Not surprisingly, owing to all the gloom and doom in the media, people are afraid they will be left broke and homeless, so they aren’t too keen to spend up big.

How can you blame us for being wary? The sensible thing to do is to spend a little and pay off some debts with the rest. Nothing wrong with being cautious, in my opinion.

Telstra Tragics

Having made an arrangement to install an amplifier for our internet system we realised that the time was inconvenient

So we phoned Telstra to change the appointment. They offered us the same appointment date that we had just had to cancel. So we had to explain that it was impossible and so our phone call took 45 minutes of being misdirected all over the place.

But now we have an appointment in eight days’ time. The problem with Telstra is that they don’t have any efficient communications between departments within their huge organisation so the left hand does not know what the left hand is doing LOL.

For a communication company, that could present a bit of an embarrassment. Not so for Telstra who are very proud of their service. They even ask if there’s anything else they can help you with while you are seething at the time you have wasted on the phone.

Would you let Telstra help you with anything else given a choice?

Jim Schembri cops it for telling the truth.

Apparently, the TV broadcast of AFI awards night was edited to cut out “The Black Balloon” incident. Jimmy Jack who co-wrote the winner of six AFI awards, told film critic, Jim Schembri f—you.


Because Schembri had been writing that Aussie films are box office failures because they are irrelevant to their audiences.

Well, isn’t that what I have been saying for the past year in this blog? It really is a case of the Emperor has no clothes and I hope more people will challenge those film elites who want to shove dreary films down our throats and then blame us for not wanting to see them.

Surely the point is not about getting awards but getting bums on seats!

More problems with Telstra

Yesterday, a Telstra technician finally turned up to our home to repair the internet problems. He said that the cables were loose and replaced them. He told us that it probably would not get rid of out troubles but it was worth trying. Then he said that we need an amplifier for our internet to work properly because we have more than one Foxtel box.

We have been left with internet supply that comes and goes, so I can’t even write whenever I feel like it. Very frustrating.

Today we phoned Telstra to ask for a technician to install an amplifier. We were told it would be done in FIVE days’ time. That is such a long time to wait for service! And the amplifier would cost us $330.


When we related our past bad experiences with Telstra and Foxtel, the man on the phoned said that the amplifier would be “no charge”.

Those of you who are familiar with this blog may remember how a couple of months ago one Foxtel technician removed our cable connections to our apartment and gave them to someone else . We spent hours trying to work out why we had no internet and no Foxtel. When another technician was called he showed us that our cables had been removed by a thieving and lazy technician who could not be bothered looking for the proper cables for our neighbour’s home and so decided to steal ours.

And this is the company that wants to provide broadband to all of Australia. God help us if the government lets us down.

Mumbai needed the Ultimate Force

Last week’s tragic terrorist attacks would definitely have been averted had “Ultimate Force” been called in. I’ve just discovered this thrilling British Television series about a fictional SAS group.

As a fan of the quiz show, “Eggheads” I switched on the TV a little early and got sucked in to watching “Ultimate Force”. It’s exciting and depends on everything going to plan. Computers and phones never let the team of men and women down. (They evidently don’t have Telstra as their communication supplier.)

The plots are well developed as long as you are happy to go along with the improbable actions. It’s a fine ensemble piece with some personal angst and romance thrown in—a sort of “the Bill” on speed, actually.

I wonder if the SAS is anything like that super efficient team in this BBC production. There’s lots of shooting and running around but somehow it all seems to make sense. Which is a worry to me because I don’t usually like action/drama, especially with machine guns and macho bravery from both sexes.

Couldn’t help but wish that Ultimate Force had been called in when the two hotels, the coffee lounge, the railway station and the Chabad House were attacked so viciously by Muslims in Mumbai. But life is full of “if only”…