Kabul sounds perfect for a holiday, especially for idiots.

A couple of people I know have just holidayed in Fiji. Luckily they weren’t caught up in the internal strife in that country, but what if they had? What if, despite the government warnings to avoid destinations where there is unrest and potential danger to Australians, this couple had been detained by the unstable government in Fiji? It’s not as if they weren’t aware of the risk they were taking because when they told me where they were going they sort of shrugged sheepishly and said “Fiji of all places. Oh well…” Continue reading

Outrage at attacks on Indian students in Australia

As an Australian, I must express my profound outrage at the attacks on Indian students by the scum strata of Australian society. These criminals who attack Indian students should be tracked down by Police and put in jail. And I don’t want to hear that Indians are soft targets because they are mild mannered and hard working. That is like saying that it’s the fault of the victims and I won’t have a bar of that kind of reasoning.

The attackers are racists. Simple as that. And I hope that Indians in the subcontinent will not think that all Australians are like these violent animals who attack in groups.

I am certain that if these scumbags had to fight one on one they would run a mile. Their behaviour is typical of gang mentality which picks on a solitary defenceless person who is simply trying to get home after a hard day’s work.

If I had my way I would send some tough Indians to Australia to teach these racist animals a lesson.

if Indians feel endangered and don’t want to come to Australia to study it would be a pity because Indians are very assiduous students. But I wouldn’t blame them if they decided not to risk coming here. That would be such a loss for us and for them. I sincerely hope that Indians will continue to grace this country with their presence.

We must not allow a bunch of animals to get away with these racists attacks. There should be more vigilance from Police here and when the attackers are arrested they should be imprisonned for many, many years.

These depraved bullies have brought shame to our country and I want to shout “Not in my name!”

Bioglan’s profiteering from Swine Flu fear

Isn’t it amazing how a crisis brings out the worst in some companies. I’m referring here to the advertisement by Bioglan in today’s Australian.

Bioglan, a company which manufactures vitamin and nutritional supplements, has taken out a full-page, yes, full-page ad in an Australian newspaper (or newspapers?) to flog its Airborne Immunity formula. The ad describes the dangers of airborne pathogens (germs and viruses) in a enclosed area such as a train. It then claims that its specially formulated tablets will boost immunity. Sounds pretty good so far and then it goes on to inform you that you can purchase these tablets in stores as well as SURPRISE, SURPRISE http://www.flustop.com.au.

I phoned Bioglan and asked them if these tablets can stop the flu, especially the Swine Flu. They said no, but that the tablets would make you feel better once you had the flu. But that’s not what the ad implied. It implied Airborne Immunity which is the name of the product. The ad strongly implied that Airborne Immunity will stop Swine Flu without actually saying so. Continue reading