Gold Coast Libraries promote “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

Isn’t it interesting that just when Griffith University in Queensland (Australia) has been outed for approaching the Saudi government for funds which it promised to keep secret, the Gold Coast Libraries have been supplied with multiple copies of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” This acknowledged hoax is so antisemitic that Ahmedinejad loves to quote from it constantly.

The libraries have defended their decision by saying it is in the name of research. But there is a world of difference between research and dissemination of propaganda material. Surely one copy is sufficient for public display. Why do they need to have so many of them?

Why do they classify the book under “Jews”, “Judaism-Controversial literature” and “Conspiracies”? No mention of “hoaxes” in the catalogue. Even worse, it describes the book as being originally published in Russian in 1905 with no mention of the revelation that it is a hoax meant to justify the Russian pogroms.

If the much larger Brisbane libraries have no original copies of this despicable hoax then we have to question the Gold Coast’s ulterior motives.

For the past few years, the Gold Coast has increasingly become a popular destination for tourists from the Arab Middle East. It also houses a campus of Griffith University.


Women and Children First– Muslim style

In Western culture the phrase “Women and Children first” means that in a disaster it is women and children who are rescued first. We value our children and their mothers and want to protect them from danger.

Many years ago when all the trouble with the Muslims began, I made the comment that in Islam women walk ten paces behind men except in minefields. I was decrying the lack of equal rights for women in the Arab world. It was a throwaway line, a flippant aside, which I could never imagine would actually happen. However, only today another female suicide bomber has killed her fellow Muslims in Iraq. Continue reading

Spineless Spaniards do it again!

Hey, wanna make a few bucks quick and easy? Apart from the risky business of holding up a bank, you can always kidnap a few Spanish sailors. Somali pirates did just that and now the sailors have been freed because of an agreement between the owners of the ship and the pirates. Now I wonder what that could possibly mean?

To be honest, I’m not wondering at all even though the Spanish government refuses to admit that a ransom was paid. You know the sort of thing that governments say. “I reserve the right blah blah” and everyone knows it means “Yes, we caved in.”

No risk attached when you deal with Spanish authorities. They pay up. It’s their foreign policy to give in to threats and kidnappings. Remember the Madrid bombings? Well, that got results for the terrorists, didn’t it? Spain pulled its troops out of Iraq immediately.

What a sorry lot they are to give in like that! What sort of deterrent to pirates can it be to hand over wads of cash to criminals every time they kidnap someone?

When the spineless Spaniards gave in to Muslim terrorists following Madrid bombings, they set the stage for further extortions, not only for their own citizens but for other people. And now they’ve done it again.

What really amazes me is how the image of the proud Spaniard, the conquistador, the toreador, El Cid and all that, contrasts with the current reality of a bunch of chickens who can’t wait to capitulate. I can only shake my head in despair.

Griffith University’s Saudi link

To visit Vassar College in New York state is to appreciate what philanthropy can do when it comes to education. The college was set up originally by a brewer called Matthew Vassar for the liberal arts education of young ladies.

I had read about Vassar in literature and heard references to it in American films, so it was truly a pleasure to walk around its beautiful buildings dating back to the Nineteenth Century. I was in architecture heaven and would have loved to live on campus.

This is what money can do when it is used for causes more worthy than buying a football team. But money can also be used as a bribe and as a tool for propaganda. Continue reading

My encounter with the C.I.A

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the U.S.A. Although I’ve travelled to several parts of the world, I always feel more comfortable in the U.S. My last trip was to New York where we stayed in the county of Westchester so that we could travel around the area and into New York city with ease. There are many folk out there who enjoy criticising America. To them I say:- “If it’s so bad then how come everybody is trying to sneak into the country rather than escape from it?” Continue reading