Home again

I’ve been away for three weeks. We went to Melbourne where we enjoyed the best food ever. Such variety and so tastefully prepared. As for the prices, well, Melbourne coffee is cheaper and better than anywhere in Australia. Food is cheaper and much, much better as well. The visit was certainly an eye-opener. There’s a buzz in Melbourne that is missing in Brisbane, for example. Or perhaps it’s just the novelty of the place.

Brisbane has great weather in Winter and many Southerners come to the Gold Coast to get away from the cold in Melbourne. But our Summers are terribly hot and humid and we depend on air conditioning during those sticky days. Moreover, it is impossible to go outside between 9 am and 5pm because of the burning heat.

Comes the Winter and we breathe a sigh of relief. The days are beautiful and the nights aren’t too cold. We can enjoy taking long walks and sitting outside in the Winter sun, while Melbourne freezes.

So which city do I prefer? Both places have a lot to offer in their own way. But I’m an indoor gal who never goes to the beach. I like going to lectures and discussions and meeting people for a chat. Coffee shops and restaurants attract me more than the sand and surf.

Melbourne has attractions that only other grandparents would understand. You just have to follow your heart, I guess.

It’s time to move.