Lawson’s Bread no longer worth the extra cost.

Four years ago I praised Goodman Fielder for making Lawson’s bread. There is no doubt that it is tasty and wholesome. Apparently, many people agreed with me because they have been buying it. At the time I thought it was expensive, around the $4.25 mark. That was very dear compared with other breads.

As time went on, Lawson’s has risen in price. Remember that it’s just bread made by the big company, Goodman Fielder, and bread should not be pricing itself out of the market. But that is exactly what Lawson’s has done. It now costs 37 cents a single slice which is prohibitive.

I think that $5.45 a loaf is far too dear and so I suggest that you do yourself a favour and buy Aldi’s very comparable seeded loaf called “Baker’s Life Original”. It costs $1.46 cents less and is just as good as Lawson’s. In fact, it weighs 900gms which is 100gms heavier than Lawson’s.

Let’s see if Goodman Fielder can match that!