Moronic Medownick TV commercial lacks class

I have commented on the stupidity of the Medownick Laser Clinic commercials in the past.  Sadly, for a company that provides eye surgery they behave like puerile circus clowns.

So for a while the TV commercials disappeared from our screens and so I assumed , wrongly, as it happens,  that the advertisers had decided to stop promoting a medical company in such an embarrassing manner.

I would have expected the owners of this medical service to inform their marketers that their medical practice should inspire confidence in a potential client rather than project an image of slapstick idiots who fall over themselves on the screen.

I wonder if the doctors who perform the laser eye surgery greet the patient with a banana peel, false red nose and a colourful costume like Ronald’s.

Such inspirational fun in the operating theatre!




Funerals and IVF clinics. The immorality of advertisers.

When the funeral business began to advertise that seniors should fund their own funerals I squirmed.  “Do it because you love your children” was the message that played on seniors’ emotions. To me it is embarrassing that the heirs who will inherit your earthly possessions would refuse to bury you unless the funeral was prepaid by you.

How has it come to this?  Can’t the heirs be trusted to do the right thing?

Apparently not,  otherwise the ads would not be aired constantly.   So they work on emotional blackmail and Generation X is  given a free pass.  How low can advertisers stoop?

Here we go,  lower still…

There is  a large IVF fertility business that promotes the idea of parents paying for their children’s reproductive treatment.   Sarah would like to be a mother but she and her partner are too poor to afford the treatment. So why not get Sarah’s parents to pay for it?

My question is “if Sarah can’t afford the fertility treatment how is she going to afford paying for bringing up,  educating,  feeding and housing the children whose birth her parents paid for?”

Or will that be the responsibility of the potential  grandparents as well?