A Word of Warning about Actimist by Optrex

You couldn’t help but notice that the promoters of Actimist had decided on a bltiz campaign on TV and in the print media. They were going to push Optrex Actimist eye spray constantly until they saturated the market with this product. They even displayed piles of it in a container in Woolworths.

So how was it different from other eye sprays? Well, you could spray it on your closed eyelids. You could spray it on eyes that had make-up.

And it was perfectly harmless.

What they didn’t tell you is that it can cause the eyes to sting quite painfully. It also ran down your face and would streak your eye make-up.

This is what happened to me.

Worse still, after removing all make-up and spraying my eyelids in the evening I would wake up with gunk on my eyelids and have trouble focussing for a few hours.

To prove my point, I stopped using Actimist and had no trouble seeing clearly the next morning.

Of course, it could have been be the case that I was the only person on this planet who experienced problems with Actimist, but somehow I don’t believe that I’m so unique. In fact, I came across a review on the internet from a person who had a similar reaction to mine.

That makes two of us, at least.

My advice is when there is a huge marketing programme of a product be wary. You are playing around with your eyesight and that is very risky.


13 dead in Washington? No way! 12 dead plus the killer

Isn’t it about time that we stopped including the killer as one of the victims in a massacre?

Today’s news about the horror at the Washington naval base in which 12 people were murdered has outraged me even further when the media decided to include a perpetrator amongst the victims.

We know why the media does this, of course. They just want to inflate the statistics for publicity’s sake.

There is something grossly immoral about his being listed together with his innocent victims.

In my opinion, this is an insult to their families and to all victims in general.

The monsters should be on a separate list. Name them, by all means, but do not desecrate those who died at their hands. They do not belong together!

McPherson’s could teach Bertocchi an important lesson

I am sitting at my desk opening a package from McPherson’s Consumer Products. Inside the jiffy bag I find a pair of Manicare cuticle clippers.

These have been sent to me as a replacement for a pair of clippers that had become blunt. When I had inquired how long such clippers should stay sharp McPherson’s immediately offered to replace them. I sent them a photo of the clippers to prove that I did indeed own a pair and in a couple of days the parcel arrived.

Now that’s how business should be done! Customer service is extremely important. It goes without saying that companies such as McPherson’s believe in keeping faith with a customer.

Unlike Bertocchi Smallgoods who caused me such grief with their false labelling and when I asked them about the ingredients they informed me that the labelling on their product was incorrect because they were trying to use up old casing.

What they should have done is to treat me with courtesy. But they didn’t and it was up to Woolworths to handle the problem.

Needless to say I have not bought any Bertocchi smallgoods since. However, I would not hesitate to buy a McPherson’s product in the future because they stand by their customers.

The results are in. Rudd has lost and Australia has won

It was always a personal thing with me. I had met former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, years ago and he struck me then as a very supercilious person who would say anything and do anything to get power.

Years layer I was to have my opinion confirmed when he did a backflip on certain issues that he had sworn by.

I guess all politicians change their minds as time goes on, but in Rudd’s case it was a conviction betrayal. He pretended to support a cause and then betrayed it when it suited him to.

I never forget a betrayal.

If you want an example of how low Rudd can stoop one only has to think of his farewell speech when his party lost the election. He could not resist saying ‘”Eat your heart out” to Dr Bill Glasson who had not succeeded in winning the seat which they both contested.

In my opinion, that is very un-Australian and I was never convinced that Rudd was pro-Australia.

Tony Abbott avoided sleaze during the election campaign

When you think about it Tony Abbott could have thrown many more blows at the Prime Minister. There was the terrible outburst against the Chinese Embassy staff who did not translate some Chinese message for him. He threw a hissy fit then and even used pretty shocking expletives.

And yet, Abbott chose not to capitalise on Rudd’s bad temper. Abbott also had at his disposal the recorded clips of the former ministers and caucus members of the Labor Party who announced to the whole of Australia and the world how difficult Rudd was to deal with.

They chose to go to the backbench or even resign rather than serve in the government with Rudd.

They couldn’t stand the way he did business.

Abbott had all of this dynamite stuff at his disposal. He could have used it and yet he didn’t. I think it was because he didn’t want to stoop to conquer. He allowed Rudd to be negative and hysterical in his attacks on Abbott.

All this made Abbott look good. He remained calm and in control while Rudd continued to rave on. I’m convinced that in Rudd’s dictionary the words “brief” and “concise” do not exist. He simply couldn’t stop himself from going on and on.

The results of the election aren’t in yet, but whatever the outcome, Abbott has gained my respect.

What’s with the mothers and their battering prams?

I find myself cringing as a couple of yummy mummies head towards me with their prams. It wouldn’t be so bad if they looked where they were going.

But they don’t.

Here they come, oblivious of anyone one else on the planet. They won’t see me because they are talking to one another and it wouldn’t matter if there was an abyss lying before them. They would keep on hurtling towards it because they just don’t give a damn.

If I don’t jump to one side they would mow me down with their battering prams. And they wouldn’t even notice.

And if they are not having a chat then they are texting on their smart phones. You often see a solitary pram pusher looking down at the phone, walking along blindly while her baby screeches its head off.

Now it’s times like these that I wish there were some abyss in front of these creatures. Of course this will not happen [unfortunately] but it explains the smile on my face as I imagine them texting whoever. “Fell down a hole. Thank God my phone is okay.” And then they might remember the pram.