Tony Abbott avoided sleaze during the election campaign

When you think about it Tony Abbott could have thrown many more blows at the Prime Minister. There was the terrible outburst against the Chinese Embassy staff who did not translate some Chinese message for him. He threw a hissy fit then and even used pretty shocking expletives.

And yet, Abbott chose not to capitalise on Rudd’s bad temper. Abbott also had at his disposal the recorded clips of the former ministers and caucus members of the Labor Party who announced to the whole of Australia and the world how difficult Rudd was to deal with.

They chose to go to the backbench or even resign rather than serve in the government with Rudd.

They couldn’t stand the way he did business.

Abbott had all of this dynamite stuff at his disposal. He could have used it and yet he didn’t. I think it was because he didn’t want to stoop to conquer. He allowed Rudd to be negative and hysterical in his attacks on Abbott.

All this made Abbott look good. He remained calm and in control while Rudd continued to rave on. I’m convinced that in Rudd’s dictionary the words “brief” and “concise” do not exist. He simply couldn’t stop himself from going on and on.

The results of the election aren’t in yet, but whatever the outcome, Abbott has gained my respect.


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