Rudd’s 25% tax hike on cigarettes.

After copping a ton of criticism from yours truly, Prime Minister Rudd is to be commended for his new tax hike on cigarettes. It would be great if people could be persuaded to stop smoking altogether since it’s such a nasty habit. But smokers already know this so stronger action had to be taken. This increase in the cost of smokes should make smokers think twice before lighting up.

If they continue to smoke then the tax hike should help pay for their medical costs when they succumb to the health problems caused by cigarettes.

What really annoys me, however, is Tony Abbott’s stupid comment that the extra excise is all about raising taxes. I am disappointed in this comment and would have preferred to hear Abbott applauding Rudd for his initiative. As a fitness fanatic, Abbott should have supported this decision.

My advice to the Leader of the Opposition who is not performing as well as I thought he would, is to get OFF his bike and start thinking without the aerobic high that is obviously clouding his intellect.

Abbott is an intelligent man but I am waiting for him to demonstrate his acumen. There is no time to lose or someone else will challenge him for the leadership of the Liberal Party.


Prime Minister Rudd lacks the courage of his convictions

I’m assuming, of course, that he has any and that is a huge assumption.

He told us that he would lead the world in climate change control.

He told us that he would revolutionise childcare by providing over three hundred new childcare centres.

He told us that he would save the environment by insulating our roofs.

He told us that he would build more educational facilities in thousands of schools.

He told us that he would ensure that our borders would be secure.

He told us that he would personally apologise to the indigenous population for the suffering they had endured in the past.

Which one of the above did he keep? The only one Rudd kept is an apology to the indigenous population. This was an easy one because it didn’t involve any action on his part. Rudd has no problem with speeches. Talk is cheap and that’s all the apology required.

So many promises to gullible supporters who must now be wondering how they allowed themselves to be misled by a man without a conscience.

I have been claiming all along that the Prime Minister has no mettle. He is a hollow man with a great ambition to make a name for himself on the world stage. He will do anything and say anything to gain power and he truly doesn’t give a damn about the people of Australia because we are small fry in his scheme of things.

To be fair he did throw money at us to stimulate the economy. Perhaps that helped but there’s not enough money to cover up his mistakes now and I doubt that he will really revolutionise the Health System. We can see already that the mentally ill will be set aside. If we judge future behaviour by past actions Rudd will change his mind about it all anyway.

What we can be certain of is that he will blame everyone else but himself for his failure and he will make himself scarce when the entire thing collapses. When Rudd says he is making the hard decisions what he really means is that making decisions is hard and sticking to them is impossible.

Prime Minister Rudd thanks Melbourne Storm

We are truly blessed here in Australia. Volcanic eruptions brought most of the world to a standstill. Apart from a few people who were put out because they couldn’t come home from Europe, we were basically unscathed.

But imagine if a foreign cricket team or football team could not make it to our shores for some important match because of the volcanic ash problem. There would be never-ending headlines about this sacrilege against everything Australians hold dear.

It would be tragic. There would be constant interviews with people who had knitted a scarf and matching beanie just for the occasion and now they would be walking around draped in their colours and looking devastatingly bereft. There would be counselling sessions for those fans whose life had lost all its meaning. Worse still, how would they be able to explain this disaster to their children?

Now you may think this is an overreaction. But Australia has been shattered by the revelation that all is not above board in the football world. Apparently, there has been some fraud going on regarding the secret overpayment to desirable players. It sounds pretty bad. This is much worse than footballers raping women and taking drugs. So I guess, it must be pretty bad.

However, if you look over your shoulder, you may see one person who’s counting his lucky stars and that person is our Prime Minister. He has decided that it would be too disastrous to proceed with the insulation revolution. It’s been scrapped because ONE BILLION DOLLARS has to be spent checking and removing faulty insulation. It’s the equivalent of digging a big hole and then filling it up again. Nothing good has been achieved and in fact there have been several deaths and many fires as a result of Rudd’s irresponsible scheme.

So did Rudd have the guts to announce this bit of news in person? No way. He has appointed himself as the bearer of “good news.” When something bad has to be announced Rudd goes into hiding while one of his underlings faces the public. And this time it was Greg Combet who informed us of the demise of the insulation revolution. And when did he do this? Yep, during the furore over footballers being paid in secret.

For the next few days we will endure the fuss about football while Rudd discloses more broken promises such as the 250 childcare centres which will not be built. And there’s more bad news to come about the education revolution frauds as well. All these revolutions are making me dizzy!

It’s all in the timing, isn’t it? If you have something bad to announce you do it while the public is occupied with something else. The football scandal is a boon to a sly politician.

Will anyone ask how many hospital beds could have been funded by the ONE BILLION DOLLARS Rudd is now going to waste?

Obama’s amazing, fantastic nuclear summit!

It looks as if climate change is not the biggest problem that the world has to face, after all. Now it’s the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of the terrorists. Will this summit go down the way of the climate change fizzer in Copenhagen with lots of hot air and no results?

It seems as if nuclear weapons must be kept away from the baddies, the current baddies, that is. Apparently, the baddies are always the other guys.

In our humble opinion, we are good and can be trusted to handle our enriched uranium very securely and so we must hold conferences and summits and protocols etc to show how responsible we are.

And we must resolve to halt proliferation by the other guys, those who threaten us with their nuclear potential.

Does anyone else observe a paradox here? We in the West don’t approve of nuclear weapons except in our own hands.

So now we have the Ukraine announcing that it is going to dispose of its enriched uranium. Call me a cynic, but I can read “Destination Iran” in that announcement. Now isn’t that what the nuclear summit is allegedly trying to prevent? Or is this merely another of Obama’s walks in the clouds?

I often think that holding constant summits is one way of not doing very much but trying to look busy about it. But then, I wasn’t born yesterday.