Rudd’s 25% tax hike on cigarettes.

After copping a ton of criticism from yours truly, Prime Minister Rudd is to be commended for his new tax hike on cigarettes. It would be great if people could be persuaded to stop smoking altogether since it’s such a nasty habit. But smokers already know this so stronger action had to be taken. This increase in the cost of smokes should make smokers think twice before lighting up.

If they continue to smoke then the tax hike should help pay for their medical costs when they succumb to the health problems caused by cigarettes.

What really annoys me, however, is Tony Abbott’s stupid comment that the extra excise is all about raising taxes. I am disappointed in this comment and would have preferred to hear Abbott applauding Rudd for his initiative. As a fitness fanatic, Abbott should have supported this decision.

My advice to the Leader of the Opposition who is not performing as well as I thought he would, is to get OFF his bike and start thinking without the aerobic high that is obviously clouding his intellect.

Abbott is an intelligent man but I am waiting for him to demonstrate his acumen. There is no time to lose or someone else will challenge him for the leadership of the Liberal Party.


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