Prime Minister Rudd lacks the courage of his convictions

I’m assuming, of course, that he has any and that is a huge assumption.

He told us that he would lead the world in climate change control.

He told us that he would revolutionise childcare by providing over three hundred new childcare centres.

He told us that he would save the environment by insulating our roofs.

He told us that he would build more educational facilities in thousands of schools.

He told us that he would ensure that our borders would be secure.

He told us that he would personally apologise to the indigenous population for the suffering they had endured in the past.

Which one of the above did he keep? The only one Rudd kept is an apology to the indigenous population. This was an easy one because it didn’t involve any action on his part. Rudd has no problem with speeches. Talk is cheap and that’s all the apology required.

So many promises to gullible supporters who must now be wondering how they allowed themselves to be misled by a man without a conscience.

I have been claiming all along that the Prime Minister has no mettle. He is a hollow man with a great ambition to make a name for himself on the world stage. He will do anything and say anything to gain power and he truly doesn’t give a damn about the people of Australia because we are small fry in his scheme of things.

To be fair he did throw money at us to stimulate the economy. Perhaps that helped but there’s not enough money to cover up his mistakes now and I doubt that he will really revolutionise the Health System. We can see already that the mentally ill will be set aside. If we judge future behaviour by past actions Rudd will change his mind about it all anyway.

What we can be certain of is that he will blame everyone else but himself for his failure and he will make himself scarce when the entire thing collapses. When Rudd says he is making the hard decisions what he really means is that making decisions is hard and sticking to them is impossible.


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