Senior nudes a turn-off

I solemnly promise that the day a group of young people turns up at a cosmetic surgeon’s practice and asks for wrinkly and sagging skin, I will eat my words. But until then, I maintain that we don’t want to see old people in the nude doing commercials. They have every right to do so, but it’s not a pretty sight. Continue reading


Joseph Wakim – you can’t be serious.

Today’s Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper had a piece in it that was written by Joseph Wakim who describes himself as a freelance writer and founder of the Australian Arabic Council. This Arab has the audacity to try to get some mileage out of the APEC security measures in Sydney to whinge about Israel’s security fence for which the Palestinian terrorists are entirely responsible. Continue reading

South Korea is funding more murders

Seoul denies that it paid for the release of the kidnapped missionaries in Afghanistan but according to Reuters the South Koreans are lying.
Apparently, according to a senior Taliban terrorist who wants to remain anonymous, the Seoul government paid about $24 million for the release of the missionaries. The Taliban have vowed to carry out more kidnappings and why does that not surprise me?
The senior Taliban rep said that with the money they will “purchase arms, get our communication network renewed and buy vehicles for carrying out more suicide attacks.”

I’m not saying that this is what the senior Taliban rep really said, but only that this is what Reuters reported he said. I have always been sceptical of Reuters, but whether it was actually said or not really doesn’t matter, because anyone who negotiates and gives in to the terrorists is aiding and abetting them. It certainly doesn’t take a genius to conclude that when you give in to kidnappers’ demands for ransom, it has to encourage them. So therefore, Seoul is funding further murders in Afghanistan.

Very ironic.

After all, even the most basic of beings works on the reward and punishment strategy. For the Taliban this is a reward and so why should they change their m.o?