New name for Target and Kmart combined

Since Target is not flourishing, the management of Wesfarmers, owners of both brands,  are considering combining Kmart and Target stores

There have been some suggestions that the new name for this union should be Karget.  Not a good idea.  It has no resonance, no cachet, no appeal.

A better name and one that is optimistic and inclusive of the successful reputation of Kmart,  is

Kmart Plus

In my opinion, this covers all bases. It is forward-looking and includes Target as the Plus factor. In other words,  improvement.  Improvement is always good. Two for the price of one is also good and the shoppers who were loyal to Target will not have been forgotten. They are the Plus Factor in Kmart Plus.


Say Hello and Goodbye to the Panamacebus transitus

Just when you thought that life could not get more idiotic a Florida paleontologist called Jonathan Bloch has discovered seven fossilised teeth from a monkey 21 million years ago (give or take a day).

According to Dr Bloch “it’s  a mind bending discovery” because until now it had long been accepted that such monkeys (or their teeth, to be exact) did not exist so long ago.

So how did they get to Panama?  Did the monkeys swim across from South America to North America? After all, it was a 160 kilometres journey across the sea. Apparently this is the crux of the entire study.

Fascinating stuff is it not?

It’s not the question on my mind, however, that’s for sure.

My question is  “who gives a damn?”  Why is precious research time and money  being wasted on a monkey who may or may not have existed and who may or may not have left some teeth behind when he fossilised himself?

Stella Prize? Why do women need a special literary prize for women only??

So Charlotte Wood has won the Stella Prize,   an Australian prize of $50,000  which is exclusive to women.  Her book, “The Natural Way of Things”,  deals with misogyny etc. and domestic violence which are trendy topics.

I have to admit that a prize like that smacks of condescension and sexism and I wish that special offerings would not be made to women on account of their gender.  A truly egalitarian society would not discriminate between male and female writers. But there you are.

It is sad that this is the way of things.

It reminds me of the complaint made by female tennis players who want the same prize money as men even though they only have to play up to three sets of tennis instead of five.

Is that fair? Is that equal?

Imagine if there were a special prize for male authors only.

We women will have come a long way when we no longer depend on special concessions for being female.   Until that day comes not much has been achieved.