Aldi tells it like it is. Sad but true.

It’s no secret that I’m an Aldi supporter. But even yours truly was slightly bemused when I picked up a packet of cleansing wipes for removing make-up and read the Germanically matter of fact description of the product.

It was for “Very Mature Skin”. Not slightly dry skin or even skin in need of nourishment to combat the seven or perhaps twenty signs of aging. This product is strictly for the geriatrics, according to the directive. It even has a diagram which shows that it is suitable for the over sixties age group. I kid you not. But then neither does Aldi… lol.

So you have to give the Germans credit for telling it like it is.

Let’s face it, if the Germans can describe that tantalising bit of feminine underwear as a holder of bosoms, ein Bustenhalter (with the two dots on the U) then I guess a cosmetic for “Very Mature Skin” is a fair description.

Not for them the sophistication and B.S of French cosmetic products which sell fantasy. Not for them the advertising slogan “Because You’re Worth It” whatever that means.

Apparently, Aldi’s message is “Because You’re Past It”. What chutzpah!