Warren Weinstein suddenly remembers that he is an American?

There is a whole world out there in need of help but Warren Weinstein decided that Pakistan, sworn enemy of the U.S and Jews, haven for Osama Bin Laden, was the place of his choice to go.

Well, he went and stayed on for years after his contracting job with USAID was over, proudly catering to the Pakistani needs. And then one day, in 2011, he was captured by Al Qaeda who are not ardent admirers of the U.S or Jews.

So now this Jewish American man is begging President Obama to help him. Weinstein has suddenly discovered his roots, it seems.


Greenpeace activists will miss out on Christmas at home. Boo hoo!

I don’t know how I’m going to bear this latest bit of news about the Greenpeace activists stuck in Russia.

First of all, these souls were arrested when they attacked Russian oil rigs. Is that a crime?

Yep, it is, even if you are Greenpeace.

Then they were kept in prison or cells just like any other criminals. Which according to Russian law, they are.

Even one of our own, a Colin Russell of Tasmania was among them and he was outraged that an ordinary invader should be treated thus.

He demanded that Australia do more to release him. Go to war with Russia perhaps?


Hard to reconcile this demand with the Peace bit in the name “Greenpeace”, isn’t it?

Good news, apparently. The group of foreign activists have been released, but dear oh dear, they will not be allowed to go home for Christmas!

But wait a minute. All is not lost. Hasn’t Greenpeace just released a video telling the world that Christmas is kaput because Santa Claus is stuck up North in the Arctic and that children will have to miss out on his visit?

Is there any reason, therefore, why Santa can’t join the activists since they are all stuck up there together?

Always look on the bright side of life tadum… tadum tadum tadum.