Giving up your seat for an older person is very un-Australian

We have just come home from a trip on the tram and, as usual, an Asian stood up to offer us a seat. We accepted gracefully and yet we were sad.

Why? Well, it’s because Asians are the only young people to give up their seats nowadays. They are still respectful of elders and that comes from their culture.

It’s not the first time this has happened. In all the times that a seat has been offered to us, there has only been one occasion when a Westerner has stood up for us and he was a man who was getting off at the next stop.

While Western teenagers remain spreadeagled in their seats while fiddling with their I-phones, the Asians will stand up for an older person.

Of course, it all comes from the home, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I made sure to thank this Asian couple in a very audible voice. This is what I said to them:-

“Thank you very much for giving up your seat. I hope that you don’t become too Australian by forgetting manners. Stick to your culture which still shows some respect.”