Prime Minister Rudd thanks Melbourne Storm

We are truly blessed here in Australia. Volcanic eruptions brought most of the world to a standstill. Apart from a few people who were put out because they couldn’t come home from Europe, we were basically unscathed.

But imagine if a foreign cricket team or football team could not make it to our shores for some important match because of the volcanic ash problem. There would be never-ending headlines about this sacrilege against everything Australians hold dear.

It would be tragic. There would be constant interviews with people who had knitted a scarf and matching beanie just for the occasion and now they would be walking around draped in their colours and looking devastatingly bereft. There would be counselling sessions for those fans whose life had lost all its meaning. Worse still, how would they be able to explain this disaster to their children?

Now you may think this is an overreaction. But Australia has been shattered by the revelation that all is not above board in the football world. Apparently, there has been some fraud going on regarding the secret overpayment to desirable players. It sounds pretty bad. This is much worse than footballers raping women and taking drugs. So I guess, it must be pretty bad.

However, if you look over your shoulder, you may see one person who’s counting his lucky stars and that person is our Prime Minister. He has decided that it would be too disastrous to proceed with the insulation revolution. It’s been scrapped because ONE BILLION DOLLARS has to be spent checking and removing faulty insulation. It’s the equivalent of digging a big hole and then filling it up again. Nothing good has been achieved and in fact there have been several deaths and many fires as a result of Rudd’s irresponsible scheme.

So did Rudd have the guts to announce this bit of news in person? No way. He has appointed himself as the bearer of “good news.” When something bad has to be announced Rudd goes into hiding while one of his underlings faces the public. And this time it was Greg Combet who informed us of the demise of the insulation revolution. And when did he do this? Yep, during the furore over footballers being paid in secret.

For the next few days we will endure the fuss about football while Rudd discloses more broken promises such as the 250 childcare centres which will not be built. And there’s more bad news to come about the education revolution frauds as well. All these revolutions are making me dizzy!

It’s all in the timing, isn’t it? If you have something bad to announce you do it while the public is occupied with something else. The football scandal is a boon to a sly politician.

Will anyone ask how many hospital beds could have been funded by the ONE BILLION DOLLARS Rudd is now going to waste?


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