Can Obama be as naive as he appears?

The more that I observe President Obama the more I conclude that he does not understand the real world. He sucks up to the wrong nations while taking for granted his genuine allies. I cannot erase from my mind the image of Obama bending over for the Saudi King. How subordinate and Uncle Tom is that?

He has approached the Muslim world in that fashion and even extends the hand of friendship to Iran which responds with a ‘get lost’ message to the U.S. This is undignified behaviour from the President of “the most powerful nation on Earth.” I use quotation marks because I am now questioning whether the U.S is still as powerful when China and India are growing at amazing speed while the U.S remains static and bogged own in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

I suspect that Obama has decided to be so totally different from the previous President that he has gone overboard with crawling to the enemies of the U.S. He wants the world to love the U.S. He wants to be a kind of messianic figure, a river to his people (lol) and he is making himself a laughing stock in the Muslim world.

So what do I really object to in his manner? In one word, it’s his capitulation. He can’t do anything about the rogue powers so he has decided to ignore them while talking tough to the one nation that is a genuine friend to the U.S. And that nation is Israel, a country surrounded by declared enemies who actually shout “Death to America!”

And yet Obama chooses to ignore such expressions of hatred. He has been extremely dismissive of Israel and has even threatened harsh treatment while not expecting the Palestinians to come to the party. Doesn’t Obama understand that Hezbollah and Hamas thrive on conflict and opposition to Israel and that their very existence would be threatened if peace in the Middle East could be achieved?

The latest delusion in the Obama circus is the nuclear proliferation treaty and Russia has “signed up”. Does anybody really believe that Russia will stick to this agreement even if the U.S does?

Yes, it would be wonderful if the world were at peace. All cosy and huggy. But the world has never been at peace. If you study history you study the story of wars, conflicts, hatred and persecution. That’s what it’s all about!

Does that mean we should stop trying to achieve some sort of peace? Probably not, because it’s in human nature to hope for a better world. But I am convinced that peace cannot be achieved from a position of weakness. Why should a strong power give in to a weak one? It simply doesn’t make sense.

In bending over backwards and forwards to its enemies, Obama makes the U.S appear very fragile and that’s not a good look. We all need America to be strong and determined. America should be respected and it’s hard to do that when its President is sucking up to everyone. Everyone except Israel, of course.


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