The results are in. Rudd has lost and Australia has won

It was always a personal thing with me. I had met former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, years ago and he struck me then as a very supercilious person who would say anything and do anything to get power.

Years layer I was to have my opinion confirmed when he did a backflip on certain issues that he had sworn by.

I guess all politicians change their minds as time goes on, but in Rudd’s case it was a conviction betrayal. He pretended to support a cause and then betrayed it when it suited him to.

I never forget a betrayal.

If you want an example of how low Rudd can stoop one only has to think of his farewell speech when his party lost the election. He could not resist saying ‘”Eat your heart out” to Dr Bill Glasson who had not succeeded in winning the seat which they both contested.

In my opinion, that is very un-Australian and I was never convinced that Rudd was pro-Australia.


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