McPherson’s could teach Bertocchi an important lesson

I am sitting at my desk opening a package from McPherson’s Consumer Products. Inside the jiffy bag I find a pair of Manicare cuticle clippers.

These have been sent to me as a replacement for a pair of clippers that had become blunt. When I had inquired how long such clippers should stay sharp McPherson’s immediately offered to replace them. I sent them a photo of the clippers to prove that I did indeed own a pair and in a couple of days the parcel arrived.

Now that’s how business should be done! Customer service is extremely important. It goes without saying that companies such as McPherson’s believe in keeping faith with a customer.

Unlike Bertocchi Smallgoods who caused me such grief with their false labelling and when I asked them about the ingredients they informed me that the labelling on their product was incorrect because they were trying to use up old casing.

What they should have done is to treat me with courtesy. But they didn’t and it was up to Woolworths to handle the problem.

Needless to say I have not bought any Bertocchi smallgoods since. However, I would not hesitate to buy a McPherson’s product in the future because they stand by their customers.


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