A Word of Warning about Actimist by Optrex

You couldn’t help but notice that the promoters of Actimist had decided on a bltiz campaign on TV and in the print media. They were going to push Optrex Actimist eye spray constantly until they saturated the market with this product. They even displayed piles of it in a container in Woolworths.

So how was it different from other eye sprays? Well, you could spray it on your closed eyelids. You could spray it on eyes that had make-up.

And it was perfectly harmless.

What they didn’t tell you is that it can cause the eyes to sting quite painfully. It also ran down your face and would streak your eye make-up.

This is what happened to me.

Worse still, after removing all make-up and spraying my eyelids in the evening I would wake up with gunk on my eyelids and have trouble focussing for a few hours.

To prove my point, I stopped using Actimist and had no trouble seeing clearly the next morning.

Of course, it could have been be the case that I was the only person on this planet who experienced problems with Actimist, but somehow I don’t believe that I’m so unique. In fact, I came across a review on the internet from a person who had a similar reaction to mine.

That makes two of us, at least.

My advice is when there is a huge marketing programme of a product be wary. You are playing around with your eyesight and that is very risky.


2 thoughts on “A Word of Warning about Actimist by Optrex

  1. I have had a worse reaction. My eyes have swollen up, are itchy, and sore. Antihistamines haven’t helped. I went to the doctor, and am on prednisone (steroids) now to try to reduce the swelling.


  2. Amber,
    I hope that you will recover soon and that the prednisone helps. I sincerely believe that we should be more sceptical about what we put on our faces and into our bodies. Just because a product is promoted in the media doesn’t mean it’s safe.
    Best wishes,


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