What’s with the mothers and their battering prams?

I find myself cringing as a couple of yummy mummies head towards me with their prams. It wouldn’t be so bad if they looked where they were going.

But they don’t.

Here they come, oblivious of anyone one else on the planet. They won’t see me because they are talking to one another and it wouldn’t matter if there was an abyss lying before them. They would keep on hurtling towards it because they just don’t give a damn.

If I don’t jump to one side they would mow me down with their battering prams. And they wouldn’t even notice.

And if they are not having a chat then they are texting on their smart phones. You often see a solitary pram pusher looking down at the phone, walking along blindly while her baby screeches its head off.

Now it’s times like these that I wish there were some abyss in front of these creatures. Of course this will not happen [unfortunately] but it explains the smile on my face as I imagine them texting whoever. “Fell down a hole. Thank God my phone is okay.” And then they might remember the pram.


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