CNN is having no luck

This time CNN interviewed the Hamas spokesman in Lebanon. The reporter asked him if Hamas would comply with a truce if one can be arranged. He said that he has heard of no truce and that there is a holocaust in Gaza. For a religion which consistently denies that there ever was a Holocaust, they sure help themselves to the term when some of their own are killed.

I really don’t think that the death of around 400 Gazans, the vast majority of whom are militants, can be described as a holocaust.

As a spokesman this Hamas fellow was abysmally incoherent and refused to answer the questions asked by the CNN reporter.

The desperate reporter tried to get some sense out of him, and asked him if Hamas was prepared to stop firing missiles into Israel. He did not answer but continued raving. Finally she just had to give up.

Perhaps she realised what Israel has always maintained. There really is nobody to talk on the Hamas side.

I look forward to seeing whom CNN will interview next time.

Difference between Muslims and Jews

If you want a clear example of the difference between Muslims and Jews, you will see it in today’s “The Age” newspaper. In spite of the fact that this newspaper has the reputation of being pro-Arab, even it could not skew a certain news item. Continue reading

Tesltra re re re revisited

For those of you who are not familiar with the company called Telstra, this is Australia’s primary telephone and internet supplier. It also has a partnership with Foxtel which is the cable company for cable TV and this part is owned by Rupert Murdoch. I think that most of you have heard of Rupert who used to be an Aussie but for financial reasons is now an American citizen.

These two companies, Foxtel and Telstra, seem to have generated more complaints than anyone else in business in this country.

We too have had our “fair” share of problems with Telstra and Foxtel and I have vented my frustrations with them on this website.

This morning, the Telstra technician replaced a modem which Telstra had supplied to us about four months ago. I do hope that will result in an uninterrupted internet connection. Fingers crossed… or is that wires?

Telstra cometh not

Twas the day before Christmas when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring.
Especially the technician from Telstra.

He was supposed to come between the hours of 7 am and noon to replace a modem. At noon we phoned Telstra and were put through, after the initial long waiting period, to Ruis in the Philippines. He assured us that the technician was on the way and would be with us in half an hour. Was there anything else he could do for us?

I have a growing list of things that Telstra can do for us, all of it requiring the flexibility of a contortionist.

We sat down to wait and then the phone rang. Telstra had overbooked its technicians. They didn’t know how this mix-up could have happened. Why would they? I was not in the least surprised by their ignorance. Could they reschedule for next Saturday morning between 7 am and noon?

I’m beginning not to mind as much as I used to, because even if they come they can’t fix the ruddy problem.