Difference between Muslims and Jews

If you want a clear example of the difference between Muslims and Jews, you will see it in today’s “The Age” newspaper. In spite of the fact that this newspaper has the reputation of being pro-Arab, even it could not skew a certain news item.

In Afghanistan, a group of children was going past a checkpoint. It was blatantly clear that children were walking in a single file when a truck laden with explosives was detonated by a Taliban terrorist. 14 of the 16 people massacred were children. This is what Muslims do to their own people!

Muslims detonate their own children while Israel does everything to protect its own.

With this different value system in mind, let’s consider what’s going on in Gaza right now.

Israel has been focussing on Hamas targets in Gaza. This is extremely difficult to do when Hamas conceal their weapons among civilian areas. In fact, the civilian population of Gaza are being used as human shields, photo opportunities actually. We all remember how Saddam Hussein favoured this tactic in Iraq.

This blatant disregard for the wellbeing of their own people is what differentiates militant Muslims from Jews.

While Israel does its best to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban have no regard for human life, either their enemy’s or their own.

After all, the current reprisal in Gaza is the result of constant missile attacks by Hamas on civilians in Israel. Nobody but nobody can go on tolerating that sort of barrage from Hamas and sit back and do nothing. Did they really expect that Israel would go on being attacked and not say “enough is enough”?

I think not, because what Hamas and other terrorist organisations fear most is peace. Peace does not suit their cause and they are prepared to sacrifice themselves, as they said, to the last drop of their blood, in order to destroy Israel. This threat, incidentally, was declared by the “brave” leader of Hamas who is currently hiding in Syria, far away from all the action in Gaza. Some hero!

Now Hamas has got what it wanted, a confrontation with Israel, and it’s still complaining. You just can’t satisfy some people, can you?


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