An interview with a Palestinian businessman in Gaza

His name is Sami and CNN interviewed him about the situation in Gaza right now. CNN wanted him to criticise Israel for its reprisal against Hamas.

But Sami disappointed CNN by telling the interviewer that the political situation in Gaza is bad and is responsible for what is going on now. In other words, he does not support Hamas and its constant shelling of Israel throughout the so-called truce.

The interviewer, Raitsa, who is blatantly anti-Israel, asked if anybody had been hurt in the attack on the Islamic University in Gaza. She wanted Sami to say that hundreds of students had been endangered, but Sami replied that nobody was there. Raitsa must be really cursing herself for having interviewed Sami.

What really intrigues me is that the actual leadership of Hezbollah and Hamas reside outside Lebanon and Gaza. It’s their supporters who cop it while they themselves are in hiding far away from the troubles. What bravery are they exhibiting to their loyal but extremely gullible followers? You can recognise the leaders of these terrorist groups by the yellow stripes down their backs.


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