Problem with Telstra continues

Internet, oh internet, why are you in such a mess?

We have had problems with our server, Telstra’s Bigpond, for some months now. They blamed it on poor cable connecting and so new connecting screws were put in by Telstra. We were warned that it may not fix the problem and that we would have to have an amplifier installed. That took another long week of waiting for it. It was installed and things improved for a short time. Now we have problems again and as I write, my husband is waiting in line to talk to Telstra to ask for help.

That will mean waiting many more days for someone else to call to see what can be done. I wonder who dares describe Australia as a developed country when we have Third World broadband? Service is abysmal here and it’s so difficult to get proper help from Telstra.

I would phone the head honcho of Telstra myself to beg for help, but I probably would not get through on account of technical glitches.


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