Who says an elected government is legit?

Sad news indeed, but nobody is surprised about it. The so-called truce between Hamas and Israel is officially over. And now we have more rockets striking Sderot in Israel. Did anyone take Hamas’ s promise seriously?

Of course not. Not only does Hamas speak with a forked tongue but everyone knows they do. Israel and its people are too familiar with broken promises from the Arabs to consider peace negotiations between Israel and Hamas and its supporters with anything more than scepticism.

As for the argument that Israel and the other countries have to deal with Hamas because it is an elected government, well, my reply to that is, Hitler was elected, Saddam Hussein was elected and good old Mugabe was elected. Being “elected” does not guarantee that the election was really free, nor does it guarantee that the people will be free to protest against their government. We have many example of Palestinians who did not support Hamas openly and paid a heavy price for it. That’s not what I call a free election.


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