The Highs and Lows of Blogging

Two days ago the chart that records the number of visits to my web site skyrocketed.

After I picked myself up from the floor I noticed that a Mr Tim Blair had linked to my site. I am one of his fans and so I looked up the link. Tim had picked up my blog on the 2020 Summit. He suggested that his fans should read my entire post on the subject.

Well, so many of them did as he suggested that it totally blew the dashboard graph off the page. Which goes to show how popular and well respected Tim is in the blog world.

Thank you Tim.

So for a couple of hours there I was pretty ecstatic. Probably too ecstatic… because as P.G. Wodehouse says “just when you think life isn’t too bad, you round a corner and get slapped in the face by a wet eel.”

In this case, the wet eel was a Warning on the Google search results just below my site name,

    This site may harm your computer!!!

“What in the name of….” and “Oh dear” said I (or something to that effect.) “Someone’s out to get me,” I thought and wondered who could have done this to me. The list of possible enemies was too long to ponder. They do say that if everyone is really against you then you aren’t paranoid. Not much comfort in that, is there? I was devastated.

So I asked an IT friend of mine to explain what the warning meant.

Apparently, there are some nasty types out there who want to use innocent web sites to distribute all sorts of stuff. The only thing to do was to reorganise my web site, which he did, and upgrade everything, clean up any possible plugs, and then ask Google to review my web site.

I wrote to Google as well and pleaded with them.

This was the ugly face of the internet and I was its victim for one whole and very miserable day.

Google wasted no time, thankfully, and it looks as if the problem has been taken care of. But I will never again be the same Pollyanna, sweet trusting soul that I was. This experience has scarred me emotionally.

I also have to be more careful about what words I use in my titles. Using the title “Up and Down in New Zealand” linked my innocent post to a porn site. Imagine indulging in fantasies while one reads about how hilly the terrain of New Zealand is. I don’t dare say any more or who knows where my post will end up. 🙂


One thought on “The Highs and Lows of Blogging

  1. How could you possibly be a sweet and trusting soul after experiencing Chaos Corner and jfire and his trips to the fun rooms. LOL
    Take care my friend.
    Love, Rosie


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