Murdoch’s Brisbane Courier-Mail gets it wrong again!

We only have one daily newspaper in Brisbane, Australia. Our “Courier-Mail” has a habit of getting facts wrong and then correcting them in fine print where hardly anybody would find it. I believe that if a paper makes a mistake then it should print its corrections on the front page. Continue reading

Protecting your child from bullies.

There has been an intolerable spate of bullying in Australian schools. I’m not one for statistics because they are misused, but apparently 70% of senior students in our schools consider bullying a problem. See what I mean by a silly stat? I would have thought that 100% would regard it as a problem, but there you are. Your child has been bullied and so you do the right thing. You go to the authorities who should be protecting him or her. But the school headmaster and the police are derelict in their duties and nothing is done about it. So what should you do about the problem? Continue reading