No welcome for President Carter in Israel

He was not invited. He is no friend and yet he has the audacity to turn up in Israel before going to fraternise with Hamas leaders in Gaza. As if that’s not enough of an insult, he intends to meet with Hamas supremo Khaled Meschaal who’s operating from Damascus.

Who is this unwelcome visitor to Israel? It’s President Jimmy Carter who wrote an offensive book on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians two years ago. In it, he accused Israel of enforcing a system of apartheid. This was extremely derogatory language towards a nation that has to endure repeated attacks by Islamic suicide bombers.

As Senator McCain put it when asked to comment on Carter’s visit to Hamas:-

McCain said any meeting by the former Democratic president with Hamas would be a “grave and dangerous mistake.”
“Engaged in a campaign that deliberately targets innocent Israeli civilians, Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. President Carter is wrong to meet with Hamas, a terrorist group that has also killed innocent Americans.”

I really wonder what part of “We hate Israel and America and will work towards the destruction of both of them” does Carter not comprehend?

Well, he obviously doesn’t so it’s no use reasoning with him.

But one can relate to the Israeli government’s cool reception of Carter yesterday.

Of course, this is the same man who allowed 52 American hostages to be held by the Iranians for 14 months. America was humiliated because Carter did not have the balls to take a tough stance.

I have always been of the opinion that Muslims do not relate well to negotiations. They only understand strong action and Carter was totally impotent when it came to getting the hostages released. He couldn’t even succeed in a rescue mission.

To me, he will always be associated with capitulation and weakness. Let’s face it, the only reason that the Iranians released the hostages is because Iranian financial assets were finally unfrozen and an Algerian diplomat brokered the release.

This was just before Ronald Reagan took office and there was no way that Reagan would behave like his predecessor. Had Reagan not become President I suspect that the hostages would still be imprisoned in Iran. Most likely, they would all be dead by now.

Amittedly, It is unfair to totally dismiss a person just because he was the wrong choice for the job. Carter was not fit material to be effective as a strong leader. Nevertheless, his humanitarian hobbies are what he is more suited to. I even support his wish to get rid of the death penalty. As for his efforts in fighting political corruption, those are fine as well. But then, apart from some African dictators and certain terrorist states, don’t most democratic leaders want to clean up corruption? Yes, he is also credited for brokering a peace deal between Israel and Egypt, but I believe that Egypt and particularly, Sadat, was ready for peace. In my opinion, therefore, the ex-president should now stick to saving whales and preaching about the environment.

As Jane Austen’s Mr Bennet wisely observed in “Pride and Prejudice” that his daughter should take a break from making an exhibition of herself. “You have delighted us long enough.” he told Mary. And I am offering the same advice to President Carter.

Jimmy, the show’s over, and it’s time to return to the peanut farm.


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