2020 Summit rejects AMA president.

The head of the Australian Medical Association is not happy that she was excluded from the 2020 Summit of the Best and Brightest in April. I am amazed that Dr Capolingua should be under the illusion that her views would be welcome. In my opinion she has nothing to contribute.

The first time that I heard Rosanna Capolingua speak in public was at the National Press Club in Canberra in 2007 shortly after her election to the post as President of the Australian Medical Association. Naturally, I was interested in what she had to say. There is so much that the Health system lacks and I was keen to hear how doctors in her association would like to “serve” the population at large.

Listening to her I was reminded of the sinister Mrs Danvers in “Rebecca” and of Mme Defarge knitting as she watched the guillotine beheading aristocrats. Dr Capolingua is not naturally charming and so it is surprising that she should have been elected to a role that requires the ability to be a union leader and yet appeal to the psyche of the public. She won her position by a small margin of 20 votes, so it was not a resounding victory, but there have been elections won by fewer numbers than that.

What bothered me was her meanness of spirit which was very evident in an interview with journalist, Monica Attard on the ABC in which the good doctor came out fighting. Attard was not impressed as evident in her frequent “Mmm” responses to Capolingua’s comments.

Such interviews do not benefit the association that Capolingua represents.

I believe that the medical profession needs to improve its public image and Capolingua most certainly does not add to the caring impression doctors need to project.

The AMA represents professionals who, sadly, are not as respected by the community as they would like to be. It’s always about money and how much the government should supplement their earnings. But according to them, on no account should the government have a say as to how much they can earn, how much they can charge, and how much they can get away with.

So it’s a matter of “give us the facility to earn more but don’t put a limit on it. And it’s all for the sake of the patients.” Yeah right.

The latest mistake that Capolingua has made is that she has spoken against the federal government creaing a register of doctors. The purpose of this National Register is to keep track of deregistered or questionable doctors who travel interstate to continue practising illegally. Recent horror cases have revealed that a certain doctor mutilated many female patients in another state even though he was not permitted to perform surgery. There are several such incidents on record and this is what the National Register hopes to prevent.

Rather than welcome such a move, Capolingua says that a national register could endanger the health of patients. How? She also adds that patients would not be any safer than they are now. Well, they are not safe now, Dr Capolingua!

Her true agenda is to prevent any regulation that may shrink the earning capacity of doctors.

It seems to me that Capolingua is no better than any other self-seeking head-kicking union leader. Whenever she speaks I wonder if she is really representative of the medical profession today. Heaven help us if she is!

And as for contributing to the 2020 Summit, I think we have heard more than enough from Dr Capolingua. What is very interesting, though, is that the immediate past president of the AMA has been invited. Need I say more?


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