Tamil Tigers roar no more

According to the Sri Lankan government the Tamil terrorists are finished. The military leader of the terrorists is dead. This is welcome news for the Sri Lankans who have endured so much suffering at the hands of the Tamils. We shall see in the fullness of time whether this claim is true. For the time being, however, the Sri Lankans are jubilant.

So how was this victory achieved? Not by negotiations, not by being told to make friends with the Tamils and certainly not by giving in to their threats of further terrorism.

The victory was achieved by military force. Sadly, many Tamil civilians were displaced and many were killed. Thousands in fact. What is very noticeable, but not surprising, is the lack of protest from the rest of the world about the military tactics used by the Sri Lankan army.

Is Sri Lanka going to be admonished in the U.N? Are there protests in universities and on the streets of the Western World against the killing of thousands of Tamils? Amazing isn’t it, how there is one rule for the rest of the world and another for Israel.

If Israel decides to defend itself against 4000 missiles being launched against it, then Israel is wrong. Sanctions are called for. The UN throws a fit because Israel has had enough of suicide attacks. What a double standard this is!

My advice to Israel is to do whatever it has to do to ensure that its citizens can live in safety. I also believe that no matter what Israel does, and it certainly does everything possible to ensure that it is careful in its reprisals, it will always be regarded as the aggressor.

It should, therefore, act responsibly to protect itself. This should be done ethically because it is a civilised nation which allows everyone to vote in elections, even Palestinians who can elect their own representatives to the Knesset (Israeli parliament). But I strongly believe that Israel should do whatever it needs to do in the face of bigotry and concerted activities by left-wingers and Arab militants who are in cahoots because they want the destruction of the state of Israel. Why supposed freedom-loving lefties can join those who are against personal freedom and women’s rights used to intrigue me.

I have now stopped being intrigued by the question of two opposites working in unison. In my opinion, these two diametrically opposed ideologies are brought together by anti-semitism. It’s as simple as that. It’s not about Palestinians or Middle East Peace Processes. It’s about hatred. Why this is so no longer interests me. All I know is that Israel should look after its own people in the face of reprehensible racial prejudice and give less of a damn about what its enemies think and say.


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