North Korea should go to the naughty chair.

The UN condemns. Obama makes another speech. Even Australia makes its objections known. So what difference will it make?

As they say in Australia, bugger all. Or as they say in England, not one bloody bit of difference. North Korea hasn’t a care in the world as long as China supports it and China will support it just to get up the nose of the U.S. So there!

So what does it mean for Iran’s potential nuclear threat? Nada. That’s what. How can anyone be afraid of the UN’s disapproval? The UN meets, the UN says Tut, Tut, the UN goes back to sleep.

And how about Obama’s constant orations, for that matter? How long can Obama keep threatening to be friendly to his enemy? Which is all he is doing at the moment. He’s threatening to hug the whole world. He’s ready to talk to them, he says. If only they would stop shooting missiles and letting off nuclear bombs, that is.

The rogue states must truly be shaking in their boots.

Is anyone else getting bored with Obama’s talk yet? Time to do something, Mr President, or people may suspect that you really can’t do a thing about it except make with the mouth.

So far North Korea has gained every concession by breaking all promises it has made to the rest of the world. Weak, crazy and starving North Korea is on a winner here and Iran must be laughing at the world’s impotence in the face of nuclear threats.


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