Please Mr Rudd, go directly to the UN now! “do not Pass, Go!”

I am so irritated by Kevin Rudd’s latest outburst about the Coalition wanting to get rid of Medicare. I simply can’t understand how Malcolm Turnbull’s statement that in an ideal, yes, ideal world everyone would have private health care, can be translated by Kevin Rudd to mean that Medicare should be abolished.

Isn’t it obvious that private health care has more benefits in that one can have dental cover etc. That is what Turnbull means. Private Health Insurance means not having to wait for two years to have a hip replacement, for example. And certainly that would be the case in an ideal world. Ask anyone if he would rather have private health care and he would say yes. The problem is affordability and that is why Medicare exists for those who can’t afford private cover. Nowhere does Turnbull say he wants to get rid of Medicare.

It’s beginning to sound as if Kevin Rudd is becoming hysterical.

I have a sensible suggestion for Kevin. Please go to the UN right now. Having heard Lindsay Tanner speak about the economy on Q and A last night, I am more and more convinced that he would be ideal as our Prime Minister. He is intelligent, down-to Earth and talented. There’s something very Australian about him. He answers questions without going round in circles and he refuses to spin. What a contrast to Joe Hockey from the Coalition who said nothing much but said it often.

Mr Tanner is a breath of fresh air in a government that stinks from the BS. And Rudd’s outburst today goes to show that we cannot expect anything but more slogans and spin from this Prime Minister.


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