Should we be in the red to go green?

Today, Prime Minister Rudd is going to announce Australia’s target for the lowering of carbon emissions. Should it be 25%, 50%, maybe 100% by the year whatever?

Since it is totally irrelevant what Australia does in the way of carbon emissions, I suggest the target should be 100% Why? Because we can’t do this crazy stuff on our own anyway if the rest of the world does not come along with us. So we might as well aim for the “jackpot” and make ourselves sound caring.

Quite frankly, we in Australia don’t make a bit of difference to the total carbon emission by the planet.

Couple that with the cost of carbon control in a world that is reeling from the economic disaster, you can bet that we don’t need to export businesses to countries that aren’t as deluded as we are about the whole matter.

If you ask the greenies what they want, they will not be satisfied until our economy is totally ruined by their bleating about the end of the world. That’s because, in their opinion, people have ruined the world and the world would be a better and even greener place if we all left and headed towards another galaxy.

Logic plays no part in their green brains. The Sahara Desert used to be lush jungle many, many, thousands of years ago. If they could, the greenies would blame the disappearance of the Sahara jungle on industrialisation and carbon emissions.

This planet is undergoing changes all the time. Species come and go and perhaps we, the awful and desecrating humans will go too, but that’s the way it is. When that time comes, cutting emissions and buying green shopping bags or recycled rubber stuff to sit on, will have made no difference.

I am totally in favour of not wasting resources. I don’t like waste of any kind. I am also in favour of keeping our planet unpolluted. Nobody wants to live in a dirty mess, but when becoming green sounds dangerously like some sort of cult that wants to sacrifice mankind then I back away from all that.

And as for predicting what will happen in the future, well, if you had been on this planet a hundred years ago, you could not have predicted how we would all be living now. Much as we like to think we can see into the future, we can’t even get a correct weather forecast, most of the time. And that’s from the experts.

This afternoon, Prime Minister Rudd announced his projected aim of 5% to 15% reduction in carbon emissions and immediately there was a howl of violent protest from a couple of hysterical greenie women who had to be subdued and persuaded to leave the Press Club. Better to move slowly, Mr Rudd, cause, as I wrote above, the greenies will never be satisfied with any cautious suggestions. Well done, Kevin!


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