Simulated diamonds. Are they for real?

A while back I wrote about the Aussie firm which sells phony diamonds. it’s called “Secrets Shhh” and it makes no pretence that it sells stuff that looks like diamonds. You can buy a four carat “diamond” for less than $500. A great deal if you want to impress other people with your bling collection.

Well, I did cause a bit of a stir because people don’t like being told the truth. I suspect some of the comments came from franchisees of that business but others came from people who don’t like the diamond trade.

I was called a snob because I prefer real diamonds to fake ones. I only have one question:- If someone offered you a four carat simulated diamond or a four carat real diamond, which one would you choose?


One thought on “Simulated diamonds. Are they for real?

  1. the real one if it was free, are you stupid…. then sell the real one and buy a secrets one … oh and get my boobs done and go over seas… lol duh!!!


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