More problems with Telstra

Yesterday, a Telstra technician finally turned up to our home to repair the internet problems. He said that the cables were loose and replaced them. He told us that it probably would not get rid of out troubles but it was worth trying. Then he said that we need an amplifier for our internet to work properly because we have more than one Foxtel box.

We have been left with internet supply that comes and goes, so I can’t even write whenever I feel like it. Very frustrating.

Today we phoned Telstra to ask for a technician to install an amplifier. We were told it would be done in FIVE days’ time. That is such a long time to wait for service! And the amplifier would cost us $330.


When we related our past bad experiences with Telstra and Foxtel, the man on the phoned said that the amplifier would be “no charge”.

Those of you who are familiar with this blog may remember how a couple of months ago one Foxtel technician removed our cable connections to our apartment and gave them to someone else . We spent hours trying to work out why we had no internet and no Foxtel. When another technician was called he showed us that our cables had been removed by a thieving and lazy technician who could not be bothered looking for the proper cables for our neighbour’s home and so decided to steal ours.

And this is the company that wants to provide broadband to all of Australia. God help us if the government lets us down.


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