Mumbai needed the Ultimate Force

Last week’s tragic terrorist attacks would definitely have been averted had “Ultimate Force” been called in. I’ve just discovered this thrilling British Television series about a fictional SAS group.

As a fan of the quiz show, “Eggheads” I switched on the TV a little early and got sucked in to watching “Ultimate Force”. It’s exciting and depends on everything going to plan. Computers and phones never let the team of men and women down. (They evidently don’t have Telstra as their communication supplier.)

The plots are well developed as long as you are happy to go along with the improbable actions. It’s a fine ensemble piece with some personal angst and romance thrown in—a sort of “the Bill” on speed, actually.

I wonder if the SAS is anything like that super efficient team in this BBC production. There’s lots of shooting and running around but somehow it all seems to make sense. Which is a worry to me because I don’t usually like action/drama, especially with machine guns and macho bravery from both sexes.

Couldn’t help but wish that Ultimate Force had been called in when the two hotels, the coffee lounge, the railway station and the Chabad House were attacked so viciously by Muslims in Mumbai. But life is full of “if only”…


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