Telstra Tragics

Having made an arrangement to install an amplifier for our internet system we realised that the time was inconvenient

So we phoned Telstra to change the appointment. They offered us the same appointment date that we had just had to cancel. So we had to explain that it was impossible and so our phone call took 45 minutes of being misdirected all over the place.

But now we have an appointment in eight days’ time. The problem with Telstra is that they don’t have any efficient communications between departments within their huge organisation so the left hand does not know what the left hand is doing LOL.

For a communication company, that could present a bit of an embarrassment. Not so for Telstra who are very proud of their service. They even ask if there’s anything else they can help you with while you are seething at the time you have wasted on the phone.

Would you let Telstra help you with anything else given a choice?


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