Capolingua does the AMA no favours

I believe that doctors are their own worst enemies. These are the people who were called leeches in the old days and in my opinion nothing much has changed. Whenever the government suggests a way to make health care available to more patients, the AMA protests. Under the management of Rosanna Capolingua whom I have criticised many times before, the AMA wants to restrict primary health care to GP’s.

Nurse Practitioners who are perfectly able to administer injections, take Blood Pressure readings and change dressings and who indeed do that in hospitals, would be dangerous to patients, according to Capolingua. So where does the danger lie? Easy answer. If nurse practitioners and other ancillary medicos performed these duties, then GP’s would be hit in the pocket nerve. That is the only real danger. Most of the duties of a GP are to perform activities that a nurse or physio etc could perform. Very rarely do they have to do much more in their surgeries. Let’s face it, they are always complaining that they don’t have the time to do more.

Nobody has suggested that GP’s should be replaced. What we all want is for the pressure to be taken off GP’s so that we can get access to medical care cheaper and faster. Should there be a problem, then the GP can still be consulted.

Why shouldn’t an optometrist who discovers a problem in a patient’s eyes not be able to refer that patient to a specialist? After all, that’s all a GP would do and why not save on double dipping?

Doctors are one of the most money-grubbing trade unions around. I have been to many social events where the doctors congregate and bemoan the high cost of medical insurance. Do they discuss the latest treatments? Do they even talk about health in general? No way. It’s all about money and control by the government.

There was a time when doctors were respected but those days are truly gone. Doctors are in business and they want to make sure that the government gives in to their demands. So that’s why they elect militant heads like Capolingua.

My view is that if doctors want to behave like any other trade union then they should be treated as such. The government should do the best that it can to provide good health care to all its citizens. And in the absence of sufficient doctors then other health professionals should be employed to make up for the deficiency.

I believe that the doctors’ agenda is to prevent more doctors being trained or imported. There’s a lot to be said for the English system.

Robert Farmer’s appropriate sentence

Sometimes the judges get it right. I have been waiting with some interest for this verdict.

Briefly the case was as follows. The quote is from

THE man who brutally bashed Sydney teenager Lauren Huxley has been jailed for at least 20 years.

Robert Black Farmer, 39, was found guilty last month in the NSW Supreme Court of attempting to murder Ms Huxley at her Northmead home in November 2005.

Then 18, the marketing student was bashed with a pair of metal fibrocutters and left for dead in a pool of petrol before Farmer set the house alight.

Ms Huxley suffered permanent brain damage and required extensive surgery as a result of the attack, including a facial reconstruction and repairs to her shattered skull.

This time it was Justice Peter Hall who decided to empathise with the victim instead of the defendant. There is a perception in the community that criminals get off very lightly which makes us cynical about the Law.

Another decision made today of which I also approve wholeheartedly is that of Chief Justice Paul de Jersey. It concerned the rape by 9 Aboriginal males of a ten year old Aboriginal girl. The original Judge, one Sarah Bradley, had given a non-custodial sentence to the rapists. Every Australian, apart from Bradley and the nine rapists, was outraged by her judgement.

After an appeal by the Queensland Attorney-General, the case was reviewed and de Jersey sentenced three men and two youths to jail.

The following is also from

In today’s judgment, the state’s Chief Justice Paul de Jersey said Judge Bradley’s original sentence was so inadequate it amounted to a “miscarriage of justice”.

This is not the first time that I have approved of the Chief Justice’s verdict. We had personal experience when a legal firm was negligent in doing searches for our business and even admitted culpability. Unfortunately we had a weak barrister who has now become a judge. (dear me…) Anyhow, de Jersey, who presided over our case, was amazing and took control of it. He blasted the large firm of solicitors for not behaving properly and seemed quite disgusted by our effete barrister. Queensland’s Chief Justice was kind and very considerate to us and I have been a fan of his ever since.

Therese Rein goes beige

The media has been following Prime Minister Rudd’s trip to Japan and we have been treated to several photo pixes of his little woman. Gone are the flamboyant imitations of an ambulatory Christmas tree that was the marque of Mrs Rudd.

She has mercifully discovered the delights of beige and grey in her wardrobe. I would like to think that she decided to accept good advice from image makers, but I suspect she abandoned her flamenco fiasco under protest.

Not that anyone would describe her as being elegant now but at least she doesn’t shriek “I’m a Las Vegas neon sign!” any more. The style of her clothes is still pretty unflattering for her shape, but at least she is trying. When she ditches her cinched tops and does something about that hair she may be closer to looking like a Prime Minister’s wife.

As for her husband, I wish he would stop making silly gestures. It was fine to lean down to talk to the child in Japan, but to see him on his knee before her was just too submissive.

I don’t think that is the last faux pas from him. We have seen him salute President Bush in a nonchalant Laughing Cavalier manner. We have seen him rub his hands together when he didn’t know what to do with himself and now he gets down in a marriage proposal position to a kindergarten age Japanese girl.

The Japanese place great value on gestures. So what was Kevin Rudd thinking? Lord knows…Someone should ask the Lord when he comes home tomorrow.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s list

I’ve been thinking about how it feels to be the President of France on entering a room and wondering how many of the men there have enjoyed the company of his wife.

Caesar’s wife was supposed to be above suspicion at a time when reputations mattered. Nowadays, things are different, it appears. For some reason President Sarkozy felt that he needed a wife who flaunted her assets. People who are strangers to her have even seen her nude photos in the papers and on the internet.

Carla’s latest venture is the release of a new album which sings about 30 lovers and hard drugs. Somehow, I doubt the bit about 30 lovers. As Maxwell Smart would say “Would you believe 30 plus?”

In all honesty, I don’t really care about her past as much as why a man who is in a such an exalted political position would think that Carla would enhance his reputation. Only a psychiatrist would dare to explain his need for a woman with a lively past.

On the other hand, former Presidents of France kept mistresses and even had second secret families. So, in a way, with Sarkozy it’s all out in the open and there is no usual hypocrisy about honour and purity where there’s none in the higher echelons of power. What you see is what you get. And that’s a refreshing change for the French.

Achievement in Sport

I have two sons who are academics. Neither of them is a sport superstar, but I can announce very proudly that one of them has a Sports Certificate.

We have been sorting papers in preparation for our move to Melbourne. Some of them are written in cuneiform, others in more modern hieroglyphics. That’s how long it has taken my husband to finally go through some boxes of stuff.

To our delight, we can display the blue Sports Certificate awarded to a Gans offspring in 1987.

for Debating lol

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does it again!

What is a Ruddism? It’s taking the credit for something that was going to be done anyway. The PM went to Japan and announced that he had made a deal so that Toyota would produce a Hybrid car in Australia. He would even give the Japanese millions of dollars to do so. Sounded good didn’t it?

Well, this morning we learn from the Japanese that Toyota was going to do this anyway. But now they have $70 million of our dollars to help them. So what did he achieve at a time when “working families”, his pets supporters, are doing it tough?

I swear that Rudd is like the crowing rooster who takes the credit for the sun rising in the morning—especially in the land of the rising sun, as it happened. He did it at the 2020 summit and he’s still doing it now.
Well, good luck to Toyota for getting money out of Rudd and his Labor people and bad luck for us.