Kellogg’s LCM commercial sends the wrong message

In Australia we have LCM treats by Kellogg’s, but in the U.S they are called Rice Krispies treats, I believe. Anyhow, whatever they are, this Kellogg’s ad sends a poor message to children.

The commercial shows a School Principal broadcasting to the entire school that a blue lunch box has been found. She then goes on to describe the contents of the lunch box. The subsequent shots are of children ignoring the message until the Principal announces that the box also contains an LCM treat.

Well, pandemonium erupts as every pupil leaves the classrooms and rushes wildly towards the Principal’s office to claim the lunch box. It is obvious that the children are lying just to get the LCMs.

In my opinion, this is a terrible ad with a unhealthy message. If you want something then it’s okay to tell untruths to get it, according to Kellogg, it would seem.

Considering that Kellogg’s is an iconic American company which prides itself on supporting families, I find it hard to reconcile the company’s ideology with this very unethical TV commercial.


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