Sex and the City. No way!

I saw a couple of episodes of the series, “Sex and the City” and I will not be going to see the movie despite its constant promotion by the media.

When I watched the TV series I cringed as I saw women behaving like some desperate creatures on the prowl. Frankly, I was embarrassed for them. All the talk was about men and sex and how to get more men and sex. If a group of lads behaved like that I would look down on them as being pretty pathetic and needy.

Here we have a foursome of supposedly successful professional women who act like hyenas on heat. They shop, they romp and then they talk about it. That’s it, in a nutshell, so to speak.

If that’s what women’s liberation has gained for us, then it’s a low blow. In other words, we have earned the right to be as stupid, as crotch- obsessed and basically as primitive as men. If that’s equality, then we have lowered ourselves to men’s level. Whilst I enjoyed reviewing for the Courier-Mail, the self-deprecating series “Men Behaving Badly” I squirm when women are portrayed as being as desperate as that.


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