Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does it again!

What is a Ruddism? It’s taking the credit for something that was going to be done anyway. The PM went to Japan and announced that he had made a deal so that Toyota would produce a Hybrid car in Australia. He would even give the Japanese millions of dollars to do so. Sounded good didn’t it?

Well, this morning we learn from the Japanese that Toyota was going to do this anyway. But now they have $70 million of our dollars to help them. So what did he achieve at a time when “working families”, his pets supporters, are doing it tough?

I swear that Rudd is like the crowing rooster who takes the credit for the sun rising in the morning—especially in the land of the rising sun, as it happened. He did it at the 2020 summit and he’s still doing it now.
Well, good luck to Toyota for getting money out of Rudd and his Labor people and bad luck for us.


One thought on “Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does it again!

  1. If you look at the last couple of paras of today’s article in the Australian titled “Keven Rudd in defence of Toyota’s handout”, you’ll see that the Australian has (quietly) retracted its claim that Toyota would have come to Australian anyway without the handout. But for the lengthy negotiations, the hybrids would be being made in Thailand.


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