The results are in. Rudd has lost and Australia has won

It was always a personal thing with me. I had met former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, years ago and he struck me then as a very supercilious person who would say anything and do anything to get power.

Years layer I was to have my opinion confirmed when he did a backflip on certain issues that he had sworn by.

I guess all politicians change their minds as time goes on, but in Rudd’s case it was a conviction betrayal. He pretended to support a cause and then betrayed it when it suited him to.

I never forget a betrayal.

If you want an example of how low Rudd can stoop one only has to think of his farewell speech when his party lost the election. He could not resist saying ‘”Eat your heart out” to Dr Bill Glasson who had not succeeded in winning the seat which they both contested.

In my opinion, that is very un-Australian and I was never convinced that Rudd was pro-Australia.

Tony Abbott avoided sleaze during the election campaign

When you think about it Tony Abbott could have thrown many more blows at the Prime Minister. There was the terrible outburst against the Chinese Embassy staff who did not translate some Chinese message for him. He threw a hissy fit then and even used pretty shocking expletives.

And yet, Abbott chose not to capitalise on Rudd’s bad temper. Abbott also had at his disposal the recorded clips of the former ministers and caucus members of the Labor Party who announced to the whole of Australia and the world how difficult Rudd was to deal with.

They chose to go to the backbench or even resign rather than serve in the government with Rudd.

They couldn’t stand the way he did business.

Abbott had all of this dynamite stuff at his disposal. He could have used it and yet he didn’t. I think it was because he didn’t want to stoop to conquer. He allowed Rudd to be negative and hysterical in his attacks on Abbott.

All this made Abbott look good. He remained calm and in control while Rudd continued to rave on. I’m convinced that in Rudd’s dictionary the words “brief” and “concise” do not exist. He simply couldn’t stop himself from going on and on.

The results of the election aren’t in yet, but whatever the outcome, Abbott has gained my respect.

Why Prime Minister Rudd hurried to Canberra

You would have to be an absolute twit to believe that Kevin Rudd has scurried back to Canberra because of the Syrian crisis. This is the excuse he gave today for diverting his election campaign. He tells us that he has to confer with other world leaders (ha!) about what’s happening in the Middle East.

Apparently without our glorious leader the rest of the world would not know how to handle the latest developments in Syria.

Not bloody likely, is what I say.

My take on this is that the polls are looking downcast for Rudd; so he has skedaddled to Canberra to reassess his modus operandi in the campaign. Why he is doing so badly is what he has to discuss with the rest of the Labor mavens. What can be done to salvage an election campaign that is floundering.

Okay, so I’m a cynic about it all. I don’t believe the Rudd excuse that he intends to solve the Syrian conflict and that the people of Australia are waiting on his report. After all, it’s been going on for TWO Years now. Surely he cannot be that arrogant as to imagine that he has a contribution to make when it comes to the Middle East.

Not even Prime Minister Rudd can have such delusions of grandeur. And that’s saying something.

The Saga continues and our credulity is stretched even further.

It turns out that amidst this Syrian security panic briefing the Prime Minister found time to film a two-hour episode of Kitchen Cabinet. It’s a cooking show with celebrities being interviewed. Apparently, according to Rudd, the other participants in the Syrian saga roundup were not available, so Rudd had to wait for them and during that period he starred in a TV show.

So we are supposed to believe that the Syrian briefing was an emergency but not enough of an emergency, apparently, to make certain that everyone of the people involved turned up at the appointed time. That’s why Rudd had plenty of time to film the cooking show.

Clear as mud or is that clear as Rudd?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd cheated in the debate!

Imagine you turned up to an exam with some notes on which you relied. Not nice or fair or honest, is it? Especially if you had been told that notes were illegal.

Well, guess what? It’s what our desperate Prime Minister did last night during the “The Great Debate” with Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. Rudd referred to his notes all the time and this created a terrible impression. He appeared unsure of himself and became boring as he tried to include every point he had ever made.

He simply would not stick to the subject and answer the specific question that had been posed. Nor could he help himself about making long lists and enumerating them with the aid of notes.

Australians feel strongly about “a fair go”. They respect people who play fairly, who play by the rules or else it’s simply not “fair dinkum” and they disapprove vehemently of being conned. Unfortunately, Rudd is not above cheating in a debate as he demonstrated last night.

On being questioned about this unethical behaviour Rudd explained that he did not know he could not rely on notes. Hard to believe isn’t it? But let’s say that he really did not know, then how come his advisers did not tell him not to cheat?

Was it because they didn’t dare correct him since he is known to be such a tyrant who baulks at advice? Or was it perhaps because his advisers did not know about the prohibition of notes because they hail from the U.S.A? You see Rudd did not think that Australian advisers were good enough for him?

He could be right.

Yom Kippur! What a day for an election!

You can really see the hand of Foreign Minister Bob Carr in setting the date for the coming Federal Election. How about the holiest day in the Jewish calendar? Well, that’s what the Prime Minister of Australia has done. It shows how little respect she has for the Jewish community.

I bet that she would not have dared to choose the most holy day for Muslims to hold an election.

p.s When a Jewish member of parliament queried the selection of the date on Judaism’s holiest day, Julia Gillard said that it was hard to choose a date because of some international commitments and, wait for it…Football finals. She chose football over franchise.

Don’t miss “Argo” the movie.

What can I say about “Argo”?

Amazing, exciting, brilliant story based on true events. The acting was superb, the editing, production etc were excellent. But most of all, it had me jumping out of my seat with the suspense.

Do yourself a favour and go see it. I predict that Alan Arkin will win an award for his performance.

It was gratifying to see how brave the Canadian ambassador was while the not so Great British Embassy was too cowardly to even give asylum to the endangered Americans who were trying to escape Iran. Oh how the mighty have fallen!