Shame on Premier Anna Bligh of Queensland

Politics is a dirty business and elections bring out the dirt in heaps. The Queensland elections are in full swing and things aren’t looking good for the incumbent Premier, Anna Bligh. Her opponent in the premiership stakes is Campbell Newman who used to be the Lord Mayor of Brisbane. And he was a good one, so good that Bligh fears his popularity and has to accuse Newman of all sorts of nefarious deeds.

Newman has denied any such activities, but Bligh is so desperate that she has continued to accuse him of corruption and nepotism. She would like to accuse him of causing the Great Flood of Brisbane last year but that has turned out to be her government’s mismanagement according to a recent report on the tragic events.

Because of her constant accusations, the CMC (Crimes and Misconduct Commission Queensland) has been asked to investigate whether Campbell Newman has done anything wrong. It turns out that there have been no improprieties in his dealings as Lord Mayor.

In spite of this finding, Premier Bligh has refused to apologise to Newman. He has in fact said that she owes an apology to the people of Queensland. She’s still banking on finding something nasty about her opponent if she skulks around long enough.

I expected better of Premier Bligh. How could she stoop so low and not have the guts to admit that she might have behaved badly?

Her government is on the nose at the moment. Queensland is praying for a regime change and I hope that the voters will disapprove of her muckraking.


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