Why Julian Assange is dangerous

Yesterday, we commemorated the contribution made by Alan Turing. Born exactly a hundred years ago, Turing was a brilliant mathematician who headed the codebreaking unit in Britain during the Second World War.

It was he who was largely responsible for inventing the Enigma machine at Bletchley Park, the secret British centre for codebreaking. His team could decipher cryptic German messages and this information was used against the enemy itself.

Naturally, it was crucial that the Germans not find out about the Enigma machine and so the secret of Bletchley Park was kept until well after the War when the danger was over.

It was the secrecy around the Enigma Code which shortened the War.

Which brings me to Julian Assange and why he is dangerous. In my opinion, had amoral Assange been around during this war and had he learned about the Enigma machine, I am convinced that he would have blabbed it to the World and endangered the lives of many millions of Allies.


2 thoughts on “Why Julian Assange is dangerous

  1. From my point of view the Enigma machine was about using technology to defeat an enemy that is attacking your country. The other is about holding your country to account in its abuse of power, such as using helicopter guns to shot Iraqi civilians and journalists. Not really the same thing.


    • Assange also handled stolen goods knowing full well that Manning had gotten the information illegally. My argument is that Assange just wanted to be famous. Well, he is that…just like any other traitor.


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