Shame on Kerry Stokes! Shame on New Idea!

I cannot imagine what got into the heads of the advertisers of “New Idea”. This publication is run by Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media. In an effort to boost sales of the magazine the executives have decided to stoop to disgusting depths with their latest TV commercial.

They have decided to pick on the Amish!

Can you imagine a less offensive group of Americans who don’t cause trouble, don’t get political or use violence? They don’t carry guns. They don’t blow themselves up in suicide attacks. They just want to be left alone to live their lives.

So what does the TV commercial for “New Idea” portray?

Well, it shows a young Amish woman reading “New Idea”, removing her modest cap and shaking her hair provocatively. Another scene shows a young Amish woman (under the spell of “New Idea”) lifting up her skirts and poking out her thigh the way that Angeline Jolie did on the red carpet.

All this is done in front of stunned Amish elders.

This commercial is in poor taste and extremely offensive to the Amish. My consolation is that the Amish will probably never see or hear about the “New Idea” commercial but I would like the rest of the U.S.A to be aware of the shameful mocking of some of their population.

Just as our Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, is prepared to offend the people of New Jersey for his own political gains, I think it is immoral to make fun of a peaceful religious sect like the Amish.

My question to Kerry Stokes and “New Idea” is would you cowardly guys have dared to portray a Muslim woman doing the same as the Amish woman? I think not. The Amish are easy pickings, aren’t they?


6 thoughts on “Shame on Kerry Stokes! Shame on New Idea!

  1. Onya Lili
    Specifically, i have long held the view that New (?) Idea would never perform well, even as a subst. for dunny paper.
    Generally, I try to watch such crap ads just once: to identify the advertiser and ensure that I never buy any of his/her goods. Any manager who can be snowed, by an agency, into paying for such garbage could never be trusted to offer a worthwhile product. lol


  2. Chelle, I wonder how long this will remain on air. There has to be many viewers who object to the ad as well. I hope that somebody from the U.S.A will get to hear about it because it’s a low blow.


  3. I agree with Lili. I was horrified to see this demeaning advertisment. Pick on the Amish becasue they aren’t a force in this country? How low do publishers/ advertising managers have to go to sell their trashy magazines? Obviously pretty low.


  4. I’m with you totally on this. I was astonished to see that TV ad on a few occasions last night. Surprised that it actually got past so many people in the system without raising the question that it might likely be vilifying a group of people on the basis of their belief, lifestyle, or other. I believe the universal term is: EPIC FAIL.


    • Yes, Brandon, I too am puzzled by a system that will not allow a man on a plane to sit beside two unknown children in case the airline is sued for not “protecting” the children. It’s as if every man is a child molester. And yet, this same system will allow a group of people such as the Amish to be vilified for their lifestyle etc. What also bothers me is that the actual copy of the magazine in the TV ad has a photo of Princess Kate on its cover. I wonder if the Royal Family is aware that Kate is being used in such an offensive advertisement.
      I doubt that “New Idea” consulted her, don’t you?


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