Irritating women at supermarket checkouts

Here is a typical scene at a supermarket checkout. You are standing in line behind a few women. You have your credit card at the ready.  This is contrary to the behaviour of  other women in front of you who go through the checkout and then at the end of the process are taken by surprise…apparently.

It seems that the checkout person expects them to pay.

So now the farce begins. Most female shoppers fumble in the depth of their handbags. Out come the hair dryers, the make-up purse, the chocolates, the collection of tissues and all sorts of other personal items until at the very bottom of the abyss,  the wallet is found. Then it takes a few minutes till the credit card or cash is located.

This seems to be a female thing.  They go through the process of placing the shopping items on the counter and  it’s only when the cashier has finished totalling that they work out that they actually have to pay for their purchase.

Of course this lack of  preparation slows everybody else down.

Honestly,  I have no idea how their mind works.

Now men, on the other hand,  always,  and I mean always,  have their wallets or credit cards ready so as not to delay the other shoppers in the queue.

I invite you all to observe this weird phenomenon.

Which is why when I select a queue in a supermarket I always head for the one that has many men in it.


One thought on “Irritating women at supermarket checkouts

  1. Further to that, you’ve summed it up beautifuly – it happens with women more than men in every type of queue : waiting to buy a bus or train ticket, waiting to pay entry into …, waiting to purchase …
    Even WORSE and more time-wasting for those unencumbered by companions i.e. children….
    is the current fashion of Mothers and worse, Fathers, supermarket-shopping taking the wide space of the entire aisle, coddling their dear little children having discussions about what ingredients are in this and should we take this home – you’re the parents for Gawd’s Sake, make the decisions ! Grrrrr, If you want to talk food – alergies – preferences – diets – ingredients – etc and ad infinitem, do it before you get there.
    Don’t expect every other shopper to have to ask your permission to “excuse me I’d like to get past – (your pod of little people who you are all pandering to, you’re so Precious !!! the children shouldn’t be making the adult decisions, show some leadership will yu, is it parenting or a life-affirming how to make decisions tutorial???!!!)” and get to the product they’re debating. It’s a shared space, it’s now your own private shopping space, keep yur kids out from under our feet and be aware of others’ needs to progress through the supermarket space, something you don’t consider . It’s not all about you.
    Anybody else feel likewise?


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