Save me from the Superfoods like Chia and Kale

I’m convinced that the health food greenie, organic industry will not rest until it has destroyed our will to live.

We have to sacrifice taste, aroma, appearance and yum yum for the alleged promise of eternal life and so we should stuff ourselves with  Superfoods.  In other words, we have to abandon anything that tastes good.

Just yesterday, the World Health Organisation announced that meat is deadly, ham and other processed meats are a threat to our very existence and advised us to limit our meat intake or else!

So much for the Paleo diet. It’s now poisonous, apparently, and more of a threat to our very existence than nuclear weapons.

So yesterday,  because the supermarket  was promoting its healthy wrap collection I bought a couple of packets of MEB Superfood wraps.

Would you like to know how organic wraps with Chia, Spinach,  Kale and Broccoli taste?

Well, they taste very organic. They also look bad and smell pretty bad in an organic sort of way. They are bland in texture,  but with a smidgen of yuk,  very much like the most organic of our excretions.

Bon appétit to the masochists of the world!




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