Climate Change? Yes, No, Maybe or Whatever….

Hardly a day goes by that somebody somewhere does not reiterate that climate change is a scientific reality. The research has been done and 120% of scientists say it is a fact.

We cannot argue against a scientific fact,  I guess,  but I am led to believe that not everybody is convinced it’s the fault of homo sapiens. We must change our ways,  however,  even if it’s not our fault warn the prophets of doom.

The planet will dry out or it will get flooded and islands will hit rock bottom, so to speak.

It’s a grim outlook, is it not?

Heaven help us if we question this apocalyptic prediction.  Look what happened to the witches of Salem!

So I’m not going to do that.

What I will say is that I don’t know,  but it’s hard to be convinced by any prophesy about climate when one considers how inexact a science weather forecasting is in general.

In any case I have lost interest in the topic because it’s possible,  just a suggestion mind,  that this world is not really worth saving and perhaps it’s time to start all over again.


One thought on “Climate Change? Yes, No, Maybe or Whatever….

  1. Hullo you two
    Earth as we know it will undoubtedly self-destruct, again, as is it did in the past, and recreate itself, again, as it did in the past — and there’s nought that we puny mammals can do to hinder or help the process !!! But it’s still a bloody magic place and I’m very glad to be here enjoying it.
    I’m glad you say “I don’t know” — what a pity Tim Flannery and his ilk can’t bring themselves to make the same admission.


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